3.3 Million Hello Kitty accounts Exposed| Hacked |

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What can be considered as the worst form of hacking and leaking of personal information, more than 3.3 million account and personal details of children and adults of Hello Kitty were leaked online. There have been several news of leaks of millions of user accounts in the past but none of them ever included children.
Since Hello Kitty is highly popular among both children and adult, the leaking of the personal information of kids is worrisome. The leak of information was detected by the security researcher Chris Vickery. He found the leak online and forwarded the details of the hack to Steve Regan, a journalist with the technology website CSO and Databreaches.net.
The leaking of information of children can be disastrous as their credit scores are not monitored till the time they grow up and any leak at this age can be deterrent to their future. The data was leaked from the parent company of Hello Kitty Sanrio from its website www.sanriotown.com.
Information such as login ids, names, contact numbers, email ids and secret questions and their answers were leaked. It resulted in leaking of login credentials to several of the Hello Kitty websites hosted by the parent company.
Despite the growing efforts to tighten the security of online portals, the incidents of hacking and leaking of massive amount of data and personal user accounts running into million has become common. But, so far the targets have been government websites, financial and telecommunication websites and even adult websites. But a leak of personal information of children is first of its kind and is a disturbing incident.

It is imperative that websites and companies must upgrade their security immediately to protect themselves and their users from such untoward incidents.