how to hack website in 60 seconds

How to hack website

how to hack website in 60 seconds

You might be wondering how to hack website ?searching all day about it but you might difficult in hacking website, Hacking a website within 60 seconds is possible, but only if you follow the below steps and acquire the right knowledge about it .Today, we will demonstrate how you can use the script which will help us and increase speed the hacking of a website.

The vulnerability that is described in this tutorial “Web DAV”.
The first step of the process of hacking a website is finding whether there exists a vulnerability in a website that you are targeting and checking whether it can be exploited or not.
This process is easy because we will use one good tool, which is DAVTEST. You can use it on Kali and also on windows, Via Pentestbox.

Download it from here:

To find the vulnerability of the website using Davtest, type this command:

Davtest –URL
IfWebDAv is enabled and vulnerability is present, you will get the following result:
“Testingdav connection

Open succeed

Similarly, you will get results about directory creation, and that is it!
You are done.It means you can upload a defaced page and create your directory on the targeted website.
To upload the defaced page, you need to create directory on the target website.
For this process, type this command:

Davtest – URL –directory XYZ

Now you will get the results about the directory created with the name you provided “XYZ”
But if the directory isn’t created and fails, then you must know that the website can’t be exploited or there isno vulnerability.

But your directory will be created if the website is vulnerable.
After that all you need to do is to upload your shell or defaced page. But I will simply upload a defaced page here.
For it type this command

Davtest – URL -uploadfile ‘root path of the deface page or file name‘– uploadloc deface.html

That’s it and you are done!
Now check the URL in the result below the davtest tool
Like this:-

Some vulnerable websites :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Video :-