Hackers of iPhone awarded $1 Million Bounty

Meet Hackers


Apple has been claiming that its iOS9 cannot be breached.
However, this claim has been rendered futile by a group of unknown hackers.
Acting on a bounty offer from Zerodium, these hackers could successfully
jailbreak iOS9.1 and iOS9.2b devices.
The actually challenge was much tougher than simply
jailbreaking the Apple devices. Zerodium is a security firm that works with
several government agencies. It offered the bounty of $1 million to those who
can jailbreak iOS powered devices and the findings will be kept secret for the
use of only these government agencies. These will not be released to the public
and the name of the hacking group is kept a secret.
Zerodium is still evaluating the jailbreaking exploit. As a
part of the attack criteria, it was essential that the jailbreaking needs to be
done in a remote manner using browsers such as Safari or Chrome and through
messaging services. It means that it is not a single exploit and required
multiple exploits or a chain of exploits to jailbreak Apple devices with
After the large bounty was announced, various teams tried to
work on the vulnerability but only one could succeed. Companies like Google
announce their own bounties to white hack hackers who can reveal their
vulnerabilities so that these companies could patch them. Apple does not follow
this practice and instead claims to be highly secure. Apple is not completely
incorrect either.


The jailbreaking instance of iOS9.x is the first in last one
year since the exploit of iOS7 and it took the announcement of a bounty of $1
million for someone to succeed at jailbreaking iOS9.x. It shows that Apple
devices are actually quite secure. Even the government agencies have complained
about the inability to breach the encryption of iOS9.x devices. It seems
Zerodium might have found an answer for them.