Hackers hacked Radio Station Playing Anti Trump Songs

Meet Hackers


Although it’s been over two months since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America, it seems the criticism he faces doesn’t seem to abate. What’s more? It’s only getting intense with more and more prominent people joining the bandwagon criticizing him.

This was pretty evident on the inaugural day of his Presidency, i.e. 20th January 2017. As Trump was taking his oath, rallies were taken out opposing him and protest marches were held throughout the US. In some of the areas, feeling unruly behavior from the protestors, authorities took stringent actions and even blocked some of the areas.

Hackers too joined the protests. Just a few days ago, the hacktivist group Anonymous released some of the old newspaper and magazine articles showing their dissent towards Trump.On the day of his inauguration, hackers hacked one radio station and played a song against Trump on loop for almost 15 minutes. They conveyed the message that Donald Trump isn’t the suitable person to become the President of the country and that people will regret electing him for the next four years. The radio station that was hacked is in Louisville and the song which was played on the loop was “%$# Donald Trump.

The radio station in question is a not for profit organization and the application hacked by the hackers is used by the station for emergency broadcasting. The radio station{WCHQ 100.9 FM}has apologized for being unable to stop the song for being played for around 15 minutes, which has offended the Trump supporters. It has made it clear on its Facebook page that the station is neither affiliated to nor supports any particular political party and it itself is a victim of hacking.

Until now it is not clear who the hackers were. It is highly likely that you could be related to Anonymous, however, there is no confirmation yet to draw any conclusions.

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