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Meet the hackers who are hacking into 717 million iCloud accounts

Meet Hackers

Million of iCloud accounts Hacked

Yes you heard it right! We have spoken with the hackers who showed us the sample of the data and a lot iCloud account details as well as provided us tons of the details exclusively.The hackers are a part ofa Turkish crime family who are currently 7 hackers working on hacking iCloud. We have uploaded the video about the hacking of iCloud accounts. In our next post, we shall also show you the samples of the hacked data. We have manually verified the iCloud accounts and we find them to be legitimate. Also, we found legitimate personal data.

Hacked iCloud accounts with video Sample data

On talking to the hackers exclusively they stated

The “75,000” request is false and was the initial sum for a split of the DB before we decided to do what we’re doing,
we requested $100,000 for each of our members which is 7 in total or $1 million worth in iTunes vouchers for instant resale at 60% of the original gift card value + Some private stuff that we have agreed not to publicize as we believe it may ruin Turkish Crime Family & Apple relations. The second thing is worth more to us than money.



The conservation between apple and Turkish crime family is via the ICQ and they don’t prefer leak it on the internet. They also want to protect the relationship between Apple and themselves. They are aware that Apple is requesting the users to change their passwords but if they failed, they would face serious issues from the hackers.

We are also determined that Apple will force their user’s to reset their password to stop us.

 If they do not they are going to face really serious server issues and customer complaints.


On checking their strength and power of the hackers they said :-

You said you’re going to use your configurated scripts to pull off the attack, how would this come about for 500 million different users? From our calculations if everything goes to plan we’ll have enough power to factory reset 150 accounts per minute per script, Our server strength can currently handle 17 scripts per server,

 150 x 17 = 2550 accounts factory reset per minute per server

2550 x 250 servers = 637500 accounts per minute 

 637500 x 60 minutes = 38250000 million accounts reset per hour


As per the statement, they are quite confident regarding this. It means their resources can reset 150 iCloud accounts in 60 seconds per script and with 17 scripts, they can reset the 637500 account per hour!If this needs to be avoided, then apple should pay $100000 to each member present in the team. Currently there are 7 of them.

Now let’s find out why the hackers are hacking Apple iCloud accounts in the next post.


Why the hackers are hacking apple iCloud Accounts ?

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Hacked iCloud accounts with video Sample data

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