Hackers are attacking on major government webistes

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Several government websites in the United States are being targeted and a new and anonymous group has been trying to take the credit for the attacks. It is however, unclear whether this group is actually capable of undertaking such attacks and executing it successfully.

The group calling itself Vikingdom2015 has been claiming to have undertaken DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks on the various government websites. On March 24, Maine.gov again went down, however this time just for two hours. On Twitter, the group uses the hashtag #OpAmericanGov and has claimed bringing down Maine.gov as well as VisitNH.gov.
The presence of the group can only be traced on Twitter. It could be a small group or simply a lone ranger desperate for attention. Vikingdom2015 tweets against the American government and vents their ire against government websites. According to the bio of the group on Twitter, they are from Russia, however, on March 25, they tweeted and communicated that they actually are not from Russia. The group calls themselves the Hacker’s Government.
Around 3 days ago, the group released a list on Pastebin, specifying the names of their potential victims. The list contained 44 .gov websites, all pertaining to specific sates in the United States. State Governments must therefore be careful as they are at a potential risk of being attacked. The group stated that the list was released to warn the American people.
For the last fortnight, the group has been tweeting actively and has been trying to take the credit for brining several websites like OKC.gov. Similar it claimed to have brought down Twitch, a video game streaming website. However, most of these claims are unsubstantiated and lack proof. The group might just be claiming these attacks to grab some attention.