Hacker Tortured Girl Sexually Via Social Media Account

Meet Hackers

A new term is doing the rounds on the internet and it’s not something most of you would have heard. It’s a hacking mechanism that involves trapping a person by posing as a close acquaintance to gain an access to their passwords.
In one of the discussions posted on Reddit, a girl posted her horrifying experience of how a hacker in Pakistan got hold of her password by pretending to be one of her friend. Once he got her password, he hacked into all of her accounts and played the same trick on one of her friends.
While it might be argued that the girl in question was not careful enough and shared her password, isn’t it something we all do with our close friends? And, this is where the Black Mirror technique exploits the vulnerability of the people trusting their friends. It’s called Black Mirror, which is actually a theme that involves fictional, speculative and real incidents of misusing the technology to reflect the worst in us.
In the above example, the girl saw the evil reflection of her mistake of trusting someone. It also shows how gullible we are when it comes to protecting our online assets. This girl, like most of the online users didn’t have a two-factor authentication activated for her online accounts. Had saved her personal and private photographs including some R-rated photographs on her iCloud account, and had even saved her online banking details and other similar details online.
The hacker wanted her to perform sexual acts if she didn’t want him to share her naked photographs with others. And, when she refused, he posted them on her Facebook profile, which he had also hacked.
What we learn from such instances is that technology is a tool and can be misused if not controlled properly. Unless you’re careful enough to protect your personal data and online information such as password, or take necessary precautions such as a two-factor authentication, you are always susceptible to such incidents.