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Hacker Hacked 574 Girls Asking For Nude Content | Jailed For 11 years

Hacker Hacked 574 Girls

Hacker named Akash Sondhi hacked 574 girls over the internet. Akash has been blackmailing these girls and demanded Nude content over the internet. Akash is 27 years old and lives in the UK. He has been hacking into the social media account. Akash is charged with 65 offenses that landed him in prison for 11 years.

Hacker demanded nude content from the victims. If the victim didn’t send the nude content, He would send intimate images to family or friends.

This hacker has harmed many victims with his dirty mindset. Few victims attempt suicide. A hacker with a destructive mindset is always harmful to society, government, etc.

How hackers hacked?

Like other hacks, This hacker came in touch with victims as a friend, which helps him grabbing the nude content. Once he managed to get intimate or private data, then he starts blackmailing and threatening the victims.

As per the reports, victims are from the UK, Romania, Hong Kong. Akash Sondhi carried this hack for 3 years. From 2016 to 2020, He was playing this game of hacking.

How was the Hacker Arrested?

574 girls were reportedly hacked in this cybercrime . Not all the victims compromised with the hacker. Various Victims managed to file a complaint against this cybercrime. Imagine if they wouldn’t file the complaint against this then the number of victims would be large in numbers.

How do we secure from this kind of cyber crime?

There are many such cases in the world. A black hat hacker is a nightmare for you.

  • You should never store intimate or sensitive data on the device, Which can make your life hell. Avoid having sensitive data.
  • Never share sensitive or private data with anyone online.
  • Never click on the unknown links.
  • Use upgraded security features like 2 step Verification.
  • Keep changing your Passwords.

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