World Trade Organisation under attack by anonymous

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The website of World Trade Organisation was hacked by the hacker group Anonymous and leaked personal information of the thousands of World Trade Organisation personnel. The group which calls itself Anonymous and identifies itself as hacktivists led several hacks on websites of government and other important establishments.

This hacking incident is the latest in line of several such hacks in the past. One of the group member claimed on Twitter that he has been successfully able to hack into the website of World Trade Organisation twice in a day and using the simple method of SQL injection, has been able to gain access to over 53000 user details and contact information.

The group hacked into the World Trade Organisation Elearning portal which lists courses on international laws related to trade and other similar courses. The portal which has the domain id is vulnerable to such hacks and Anonymous was successful in hacking into this website.

The leaked data contains a large volume of information. The data pertaining to the admin user comprises of details such as the first name and the last name and other information such as phone numbers, email ids, fax numbers and designations and titles of 58 admin members. The leaked information of the various candidates include the personal information of the candidates such as their first and last names and date of birth. Information of 80 candidates was stolen. The information belonging to the staff members such as their names, titles, email ids and phone numbers was hacked into by Anonymous.

The hacking incident has impacted several countries which include China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, United States, Russia, Santo Domingo and various other nations. The growing instances of such hacks expose the vulnerabilities in the systems which require stringent security measures to be imposed.

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