Someone hacked Selena Gomez’s Instagram account

Recently, someone hacked Instagram account of Selena Gomez. But the adventure of this person did not end there. Rather he or she went on to post the nude images of Justin Bieber which were taken at Bora Bora.

Immediately afterwards, the images were shared by millions of followers of Selena Gomez who has 125 million followers on Instagram, which is the highest for any person on this platform. But what is even more shocking is that despite being so popular, the security of the account was so weak that it got hacked easily.

Justin Bieber has always maintained that these were private photographs which were taken when he was on a holiday in a private villa. But, someone clicked those images and leaked them online, which he believes is an invasion of his privacy.

On the other hand, the hacking of Selena Gomez’s account also shows that her privacy has been breached. Therefore, in one instance, the privacy of two persons were breached.

This incident has brought to the light the need for stringent security measures for the online social media accounts. There have been numerous instances when the accounts of people, especially celebrities and politicians have been hacked. And, despite the repeated instances, such hacks continue to happen.

This shows that either the security features of the social media accounts is very poor or that the people who own these accounts do not take necessary measures to keep their accounts safe and secure and use very simple passwords which are easy to breach. There is also one more danger with such incidents. Usually people keep the same passwords for different accounts. So, even if one of them gets leaked, all of their accounts become prone to hacking