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600,000 Users Hacked By No Name Hacking Group| 5 Terabyte Data Hacked

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Hacked News : 600,000 Users of the Italian based email service got hacked in recent years to which hackers demanded the ransom or bounty recently to patch the vulnerability . refused to pay which lead to the All Hacked Data for sale on the dark web.

Hacked Data For Sale 0-Day data breaches you can buy on Dark web :

  • 600k users (user, password (plain), mobile phone, address, private email, cf)
  • 44 DBs with any user and business information, SMS/FAXs sent/received and so on
  • all their web applications source code
  • all emails sent/received + attachments Hacked Data

We sell only one copy of breached data for each item, so hurry up! Vendiamo soltanto una copia di ogni breach, quindi affrettatevi!

3 BTCAll stuff (emails, app sources, 46 DBs, 600k credentials)5TB+
2 BTCAll emails sent/received + attachment (5TB)5TB
1 BTCAll web applications source code2.7GB
1 BTC44 DBs with user/passwords, SMS/FAX sent/received and so on3GB+
0.5 BTCMore than 600.000 users/password/private information filtered and put in csv file350MB

Breach: Plain stored passwords

Plain passwords! Yes, they stored plain passwords and security questions for all 600K users from 2007 to 2020!

Breach: Plain SMS sent/received

Plain SMS sent/received from 2007 to 2020.

Breach: Plain emails and attachments sent/received

Plain/Not encrypted emails + attachments sent/received from 2007 to 2020.

We are an international hacking group with operatives from many countries and our only aim is just one: hacking any company, taking their sensitive data and selling them to best offer. You can hire us to breach any companies and get their data.

How we hacked

We breached Datacenter more than 2 years ago and we plant ourself like an APT. We took any possible sensitive data from their server and after we choosen to give them a chance to patch their holes asking for a little bounty. They refused to talk with us and continued to trick their users/customers. They didn’t contacted their users/customers after breaches! Abbiamo compromesso il datacenter di più di 2 anni fa e ci siamo ben impiantati come un APT. Abbiamo preso tutti i dati sensibili che potevamo dai loro server e abbiamo scelto di dargli la possibilità di tappare i loro buchi chiedendogli una piccola ricompensa. Loro si sono rifiutati di parlarci ed hanno continuato a mentire ai loro utenti/clienti. Loro non hanno contattato i loro utenti/clienti dopo i breach!

Breach: 44 Databases

available databases [44]:

[*] 1bm_ordini

[*] card

[*] card_email

[*] cartoline

[*] data

[*] db_aging

[*] db_config

[*] db_ecr

[*] db_ip

[*] db_log_emili

[*] db_newsletter

[*] db_note

[*] db_premium

[*] db_rec_pwd

[*] db_reseller

[*] db_risultati

[*] db_servizi

[*] db_size

[*] db_stat

[*] db_stat_isp

[*] db_taf_emili

[*] db_volley

[*] db_work

[*] db_zquota

[*] faxtest

[*] information_schema

[*] jasmine

[*] jasmine2

[*] jasmine_bk

[*] memail

[*] monitor

[*] mydns

[*] mysql

[*] partner

[*] password_kos

[*] phpmyadmin

[*] radius

[*] shop

[*] sms_log

[*] stat

[*] statistiche

[*] test

[*] tmp_utenti

[*] wa

 All servers totally compromised and backdoored by us. We covertly started to get and sniff data from their servers.

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