How Hackers can Hack into Guns , Drones ,Nuclear Plants

Meet Hackers

So, they say the Internet of Things is the future of technology. And, they are right. But IoT, as it is oft referred to, is also the newest target of the hackers. As more and more “things” in our lives get connected, they fear of losing control over them is also increasing.
Here are some of the things that hackers are trying to gain control
Yes, it’s true! As firearms or guns are getting connected to the internet to help their owners keep a track of them and record their actions, it also allows the hackers to exploit their vulnerability. Just imaging losing control of your firearms! Wouldn’t that be dangerous?

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>>Nuclear power plants
In April this year, a nuclear power plant in Germany got infected with malware. Now just imagine the scale of destruction if this type of power plant is exploited and made into a bomb! That’s what hackers can do if they gain a complete access.

Drones are becoming popular for uses such as delivering products by courier services or for photography and video recording. And, they are controlled using wireless technology which is equally susceptible to an attack as any other IoT device. You wouldn’t want your drone crashing into your house, would you?

>>Medical equipment
Medical equipment are getting online and helping you store your vital information. However, they can also be hacked for getting an access to your medical history, manipulating it and even messing with your medical insurance by making false claims and leaving you insurance less.

At one hand, cars are on the verge of becoming driverless and on the other, there is a growing possibility of them becoming victims of hackers. Even a single car on the freeway, if crashed by a hacker, can cause some serious damage.

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>>Other devices
Even innocuous looking devices such as the refrigerator, printers, toilet systems, toothbrushes and even adult toys can also be hacked leaving you stranded and inconvenienced.
Although there are clear and present dangers, it doesn’t mean there’s all doom. Ensure you use a separate password and a strong password for every device. And keep a check to prevent them from getting hacked.