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Greetings citizens of the world #Anonymous2017

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Greetings citizen of the world
We are organizing an online even to present the ideas of the hactivist group Anonymous for the year 2017. All of you are requested to join the online event to be the witness to the ideas that Anonymous proposes for their activities for the nest year.
The event is slated to begin on 30th December 2016 and will end on 2nd January 2017. It will include showing the archived videos of Anonymous. These videos belong to the earlier activities of Anonymous citizens are requested to kindly change your profile pictures with the ones of Anonymous and share the ideas of this group under the hashtag #Anonymous and #Anonymous2017. An event is already created by us on Facebook where you can participate, share, and get updates on the online event and the e-protests. You can also access the archived photographs and videos. Also, images which can be used as profile pictures would be available on the Facebook page of the event.

Join The Event #Anonymous2017


we are Anonymous 

we are legion 

we do not forgive 

we do not forget


Anonymous is a idea which anyone can follow

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