Google Code Jam and win 15000 US Dollars

google code jam

Google the Tech giant and close friend of the every internet user. Google like every year has various types coding competition.So this year too google has code jamming.The code jam is international programming competition.The champion or winner will be rewarded 15,000 US Dollars from google.

What is Google Code Jam ?

Code Jam , as it name calls the programmer from around the world who are interested in the competition.Contestants have to solve the algorithmic puzzles and various challenges. It consists of 3 rounds(explained in detailed below).

First of all you have to qualify to enter into code jam ,which has time limit most probably 27 hours. It wont take much time to earn points to enter into the code jam . After entering into round one you will be promoting to other two rounds. Depending upon your skills and how well you perform in the rounds. Finally top 25 contestants will be picked up from the round 3 to participate in the world finals.




Round 2:

Round 3:

Top 25 contestants last year .

Among the 25 coders, one will earn championship title and will earn 15,000 USD from the google code jam .

How to register for the code jam ?

Its very simple, Here is the link to register into the code jam

Other coding competitions of Google

HASHCODE similar like kickstart or code jam.kindly check if the registration is open or not.

KICKSTART is similar like code jam .you can register below if the registration is open.

Benefits of Code jams by Google

If you are beginner or learning the programming for them it is very helpful. You will achieve many benefits if you didn’t win the championship.

  • 1.You will meet new coders across the globe
  • 2.Your problem solving skills will be increased
  • 3.You will get idea how you can get job in google.working in google is a job of majority of the coders.
  • 4.Your level of Programming will be increased with the competition of other coders.

There are many benefits. For new programmers these code jams are very useful .All they have to do look at the problems and try to solve them.

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