Ghost Squad to leak Hillary Clinton’s personal data

A hackers’ group that goes by the name Ghost Squad, has tweeted that it will leak the personal data of the Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. The tweet also has a link to a YouTube video. The tweet that goes with the # tag #OpHillary gives the link to the video titled “#OpKillary Hillary Clinton Data Leak (dox)”.

The 110 second video clip, which displays an image of a man in a mask similar to the Guy Fawkes mask used by the hacktivist group Anonymous, has a sound playing in the background with a loud music.

The clip with the masked person and the background music looks and sounds very similar to the signature Anonymous videos. The voice in the video warns Hillary Clinton of ruining her Presidential campaign and alludes to the instances of the bombing of the US embassy in Benghazi in Libya in 2012 on September 11th. Just days before the attack, Hillary, the then Secretary of State had denied the requests for increasing the security at the embassy.

After the attack on September 11th, which killed the US Ambassador to Libya, the first US Ambassador to be killed in a terrorist attack, Hillary took the responsibility for the lapses in the security.

The video released by the Ghost Squad has highlighted this lapse and has blamed her for the lapses stating that if she becomes president and there are such attacks, the number of lives that can be lost will run into millions.
Some of the data related to Hillary Clinton being shared via their social profiles

The video also warns Hillary for one of her other major lapses when she stored her official emails privately. The voice in the video says that it is a major security laps and can lead to the leaks of the official data. It will therefore, impede the presidential run of Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has often been accused of supporting large corporates, fighting legal battles for rapists during her stint as a lawyer and compromising national security. The voices in her opposition, especially after she was preferred over Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee have been rising steadily.

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