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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS or IS or Daesh, has been terrorising the world with its terrorist attacks. Accordingly, it has been dealt a serious blow by the nations fighting terrorism.

However, the group continues to be strong in the cyberspace where it has been hacking and attacking several websites and online resources including of those of the government organisations of the developed nations.

ISIS hackers have been a menace online where they recruit new soldiers, attack online assets of governments, organizations and businesses, and create havoc. However, it now seems that ISIS has met its match.

The Ghost Squad, a hacker group has been attacking and exposing ISIS hackers. The group is specifically targeting the notorious ISIS and its hackers. One of the main factions of ISIS – the United Cyber Caliphate has been completely exposed by the Ghost Squad.

The members of the Ghost Squad post identify details of the ISIS hackers, thereby exposing them to the world. The United Cyber Caliphate was founded by a hacker that goes by the name the Mauirtania Attacker. Although the Ghost Squad has been unable to expose the identity of the Mauirtania Attacker, personal details of this faction of ISIS’s co-founder has been exposed.

The Ghost Squad, under the hashtag #OpReverseCaliphate has been exposing the members of the United Cyber Caliphate and has posted the contact number of one Moulaye Ahmed Ould Ahmed Semane, who is supposedly the co-founder of the United Cyber Caliphate. This person operated under the alias of Ghost Caliphate or AnonGhost.

In its message, the Ghost Squad has challenged AnonGhost that it will be his end. The data of several such ISIS hacker groups’ members have been posted online.

It seems there is a conflict going on between the ISIS sympathiser hackers and the Ghost Squad. Few days ago, the Mauirtania Attacker leaked the details of the Ghost Squad members and the Ghost Squad has retaliated.

However, the Mauirtania Attacker has denied any leak of the data of the members of the United Cyber Caliphate and has called the Ghost Squad’s claims a hoax

Mauritania attacker added:-

We are watching you for real and via Internet ^_^ and stop lying to yourself and other saying you are AnonGhost Member haha that will never happen and also stop posting fake details about people and faking wkwkwkwk this is not honest you can only do copy-paste go get a life study or work in a supermarket or a fastfood !~! You can’t hack or dox any AnonGhost member never happened and it will never happen 😉

Leaked Links:-


Ghost Squad hackers said “

The information we obtained on them was through social media accounts being hacked and telegram accounts being linked directly to the phone #s they provided after we pulled them. GSH has members from AnonGhost that are not Isis and want to take the fight to Isis in GSH true Muslims and not these fakes that know nothing about Islam whatsoever.
Since we have uploaded the information it has been removed by facebooks “Community Standards Policy” beecause they are reporting the photo they do not want it up the longer the information stays afloat the longer they will be in danger of losing their freedom.
What fueled us to go after them was the recent “Kill List” the United Cyber Caliphate posted on 5,000 U.S. civilians. Taking it to far so we decided to bring down the little hacking group they built.
The members we have doxed so far are “Mauritania Attacker” aka
Name: Moulaye Ahmed Ould Ahmed Semane
Location: Nouakchot, Mauritania
Birthdate: 15/12/1991
extazy005 aka Co-Founder of United Cyber Caliphate:
Name:Ouali Bouziad
Phone: +213*******06
Anonghost vs Ghost Squad Hackers