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Free website hosting on github

In the previous post we discussed how to host a free static website on Google Drive. In this post we are discussing how you can use GitHub for a free website hosting.

The below steps explain how to create a website using GitHub. All you need to do is to follow them for a free website hosting! And you’ll have an excellent website ready in no time to promote your brand, product, service, or passion!

How to get started on GitHub

Create an account :

The first step is to create your account on GitHub on the below link.

Create a New Repository :

Once you have created the account, in the second step you need to create the folder for the static website that you want to host on GitHub. To do so, click on the add repository link after clicking on the “+” (plus) icon on GitHub as shown below screenshot

Then, specify the name of your website and add the description of your website and click on the visibility switch to make it public.

Free website hosting on github

Upload the website :

Once you have created the folder and named the website, upload the static website content which will upload in a brief time. After uploading the file, go to the setting tabs, then scroll down to the GitHub pages on source click on the branch to select the source and click save .

Free website hosting on github

Publishing the URL :

Now, the URL which GitHub generates is ready. Check if it’s publish or not.
Copy the URL. Log on to check your website, Refresh the page if its unpublished.
SSL is activated by default.

Adding a custom domain map :

In this step add a custom domain and map it to your repository for that we need to switch GitHub pages dashboard click on the custom domain add your custom domain. However, before adding the custom domain you have to edit the DNS record.

Adding a record to DNS Records :

You need to add A record in the DNS Record of your domain.

Free website hosting on github

Type Host IP address
A @ GitHub IP address.

The final step :

You have to add 4 A-records in a similar manner.

After adding the records add a custom domain on the GitHub pages dashboard. Reactivate HTTPS if it is turned off after adding the custom domain. Copy the URL and log on to your website.
If you want to buy a free domain log on which gives you free domain.