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7 Free SEO Tools to get Page 1 Rankings on Google

Free Seo Tools

We have listed 7 Free SEO Tools to increase your page rankings on Google which also happen to be Neil Patel’s favorite tools. Neil Patel is one of the top influencers on the web and also the founder of Neil Patel Digital.

Before we dive into this, let us first categorize the Free SEO Tools tools in three categories namely

Keyword Research,

Link Building,

Technical SEO.

Two of the Tools that fall into the first category are FAQ Fox and Ubersuggest Keywords Ideas.


FAQ Fox deals mostly with the questions put forward by the users. They give you the most searched questions on any websites you want information from such as Yahoo and Quora.

Ubersuggest Keywords Ideas

Ubersuggest Keywords Ideas can provide you 1.2 million suggestions per keyword and the best part of this website is that it gives you keywords in different sub-types like Suggestions, Related, Prepositions, and Comparison keywords.

You can also search for Keyword Ideas Report under which you can see a comparison report, search volume, the paid difficulty, the organic difficulty, and other sites rankings.

The next in the category come Link Building under which we have listed two tools.


MozBar helps you to find the sites one should be focusing on while link building. It will tell you the domain authority and page authority of any website you want.

Backlinks by Ubersuggest

Now the next tool, Backlinks gives you a Report which tells you the domain score of the site, authority of all the URLs linking to that site.

It also tells you the anchor text, link growth over time along with the starting and ending date of Links and one can also use it for keeping an eye on their competitors.

Now the third category is Technical SEO under which the first tool is the Panguin Tool.

Panguin Tool

This tool will help you to know when your traffic went up and went down along with telling you the reason behind it. It helps you in recovering from the loss you faced. They do so by keeping a track of all the updates that have happened in the past.

The 6th tool in the list is Structured Data Markup Helper.

Structured Data Markup Helper

Structured Data Markup Helper which helps you to maximize your voice traffics and star ratings. It can also help you to increase your click-through rates.

SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer by Ubersuggests where you have to type a URL and you will get the Site Audit Report of all the pages on your site, your load time, errors, recommendations, and what you need to fix first. The best of this tool is that it scans all your pages every week and sends you an email of it through which you can plan your next move.

7 Free SEO Tools

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