Cop arrested for hacking into FBI and NYPD databases

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New York Police Department Auxiliary Deputy Inspector Yehuda Katz has been arrested and charged for the offence of hacking into the traffic databases of NYPD and FBI with the intent of stealing the data pertaining to the victims of traffic accidents in order to defraud them.

Katz who was assigned to the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn secretly installed several electronic devices in NYPD’s traffic safety office. This allowed him to remotely access the database of NYPD. There has been a similar charge of gaining an unauthorized access to the FBI database by installing a device with a hidden camera capable of capturing live images. According to the United States Attorney Lynch, Katz used his position to obtain personal information pertaining to the victims of the accidents and defraud them for his personal gains. Katz has been accused of running 6400 queries into the databases of FBI and NYPD through the remote access from the devices installed by him.
He is further accused of posing as a lawyer representing a fictitious firm ‘Katz & Katz Law Firm’ and sent letters to the victims of the traffic accidents. He is alleged to have communicated to them that his firm will help these victims with settling of their claims and in turn the law firm would charge 14 percent of the claim settlement value as the fees. He assured the victims that the claims will definitely be settled in their favor and his firm will assist them in their clam settlements.
Katz faces up to ten years in prison for stealing confidential information of accident victims and trying to cheat the victims by posing as a fake lawyer.