Facebook Pulls Down Anti-Israel Page After Expose From An NGO | Facebook | Israel |

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A NGO, Shurat Hadin Israel Law Center that works for the Israeli causes has exposed how Facebook takes a biased approach against Jews and Israel. To prove that Facebook follows this biased behavior, Shurat Hadin initiated two pages on Facebook.

These two pages were titled “Stop Israel” and “Stop Palestine”. These pages incited hatred against Israel and Palestine and had very similar contents except for the changes in the name. However, when Facebook received complaints, it pulled down the page “Stop Palestine” terming it hateful and against its policy.
It did not, at that time pulled down the page “Stop Israel”, although it received a complaint for the same at the very same time. The social media giant termed the page as acceptable to the policy of the website whereas in the first instance, while addressing the complaint regarding the page against Palestine, it termed it against its policy.
It clearly shows the bipartisan approach of Facebook where it conveniently ignored one of the pages and let it continue to be displayed on its website while in the other case, it termed a similar page unacceptable and took it down immediately when it received the complaint.
Facebook, however pulled down the page after the aforementioned NGO exposed this biased approach. Facebook took the page down and also apologized citing it to be an oversight. However, now the NGO is planning to sue the internet giant for what it calls an unacceptable behavior from a company that has listings on stock exchanges. It has called for Facebook to be more responsible instead of being the one that incites such situations that might result in creating a rift between communities.