6000 Facebook user details shared for government by Zuckerberg


finally succumbed to the pressure exerted by the UK government to share details of thousands of its users. The British government had requested for information of 7199 users. In response, Facebook shared details of 6039 users.It is almost 85 per cent of all the user details as requested by the government. The government had earlier asked for the data on 6200 user profiles and later added more profiles for which it sought information.
In first half of the 2016, the total number of profiles whose information is shared by Facebook is over 80 per cent of the total of 31,000 profiles of whose information was asked for by the US government. The US government asked for over 31,000 profile details.
Among the latest set of user accounts of which the information is sought by the UK, 6039 were from the crime investigating agency and another 1160 are for emergency purposes.

Reasons behind sharing the users data by Facebook (mark Zuckerberg)

Some of the reasons why the information was requested include emergencies where the information was needed to address some form of an emergency, court notices asking for the information to settle legal disputes and address criminal issues. Search warrants from the various investigative agencies so that they can take the investigations forward. Other forms of identification so that the lost people can be search for using their Facebook profiles, and cases of cybercrime investigation.
So, it can be seen that not all the information was for the surveillance of the account holders. A large volume of information was asked for in order to help further the investigation of the other legal matters, several of which was for the benefit of the account holders themselves.
Although Facebook, has shared a large volume of data, it is still attempting to work with other partners to counter the move of the government for gaining access to the user information, thereby protecting the privacy and security of its users.

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