Facebook and Instagram Down For Some Users

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In what seems to be one of the rear experiences, users of Facebook and Instagram, which is apparently owned by Facebook went down at 12:30 noon UK time on 21st April. According to the Site Down Detector, around 1600 users in the United Kingdom faced the outage. It seems that all the users who faced the issue are from the United Kingdom. The two websites are up and running again.

Facebook and Instagram going down are rare instances. On this instant, the users who could not access their accounts tweeted on Twitter about the Facebook outage. It seems that the glitch was temporary and has been resolved.
There have been few such instances in the past and which were immediately resolved by Facebook. On many such occasions, these went undetected by the users. However, never a clear explanation is given by the company as to why their server goes down periodically.
Facebook is the most popular social media network on the internet. It has a user base of around 1.5 billion which is more than the population of China. Every second millions of users are logged on Facebook. However, since this incident of a downtime was in the UK at around noon, the users who could not access their accounts noticed it since it was the lunch time and they tried to check their accounts.
Instagram was an independent company that was acquired by Facebook. It allows posting images and small 10 second video clips to the users for them to share their experiences with their friends and family. These can also share these images and videos through Facebook which means that there is a direct interface between the two portals. The downtime of both these websites together on 21st April could be the result of this link between Facebook and Instagram.
just like earlier instances, no reason is given by Facebook as to why these two websites went down.