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Anonymous the well known hacktivist  in the world,always ranked first in the world.Anonymous is present everywhere in other words we cant imagine how many people are living under the banner of anonymous.

Since Anonymous is everywhere,so Anonymous are on the social networking websites i.e Facebook ,twitter and many more.Anonymous cant use Facebook properly as reported some of the members.To use their account Facebook forcefully asked users to submit their government issued id’s till then users are blocked.

Actually Facebook is verifying various accounts,but Anonymous are Targeted the most.They cant use the Facebook until they will submit government issued id’s.Because of this anonymous issued many warnings to Facebook before,Now the anonymous might be using their Skill to counter attack this problem.ON 15 December 2015 anonymous uploaded video on YouTube and announcing the cyber war against the Facebook.Anonymous also left message in the video

Dear citizens of the world. We are anonymous!
Today morning a fellow Anon realized that his Facebook account was closed on facebook.
We know why his account was closed.
Because he was anonymous.
We declare war to facebook!
The Op facebook has started!
remember, what happened master card and paypal?
We will do the same!
You violate the terms of freedom of speech!
We are now doing a riot on another platform and we will attack!
We are sofiety hackers.
We think it is not right to just shut down accounts because we fight for freedom!
We know that you stopped the setting to call yourself anonymous on facebook!
We know how you described anonymous on facebook!
Just now m facebook account was taken down as i was sending the request to every anonymous to help us!
Thank you facebook! We just lost contact to over 50 Anonymous members.
We will strike back facebook!

We are in cooperation with ACA Squad!
You are at war with anonymous!
This is not a warning. It is a promise!
We are anonymous!
We are legion!
We do not forgive!
We do not forget!
Expect us!

Anonymous Video:

Since everyone can be anonymous,Well actually ACA Sofeity Squad Hackers who are actually behind this operation.So we are not sure whether the anonymous will be taking this hard step against the Facebook.All we can do is to wait and watch their reaction towards Anonymous.
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