Facebook hacker kit V 1.2(Download now)

Meet Hackers

one of the famous hackers in hackers in the world,anonghost has shared its private tool with its followers.
Facebook hacker kit v 1.2 helps in hacking the facebook account as it has various features

  • Fb brute force
  • Fb ghost catcher
  • Fb reset code
  • Reset code generator
  • Fb id generator
  • Fb id checker

This tools is coded by the anonghost.
you can use this tool on both on your personal computer (with the xamp or wamp)
as well as you can use online version of this tool

ONLINE VERSION(recommended)


Now just simply click on the above link(make sure you visit above link with system only)
OFFLINE VERSION(not recommended)
first of all you have to download and install php intreperter (wamp,xamp or anyother you like) ,then after installing it on your computer copy the php code from the below provided link and paste in the notepad and finally save it as yourfilename.php
start your xamp or wamp server
and type
you may need some technical knowledge to use this tool with above shown method.
Tutorials for using facebook hacker kit v1.2