Emails of CIA Director posted online by WikiLeaks

Meet Hackers

The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has in its latest exploits posted personal details of the CIA Director John Brennan. The personal details include Brennan’s residential address, social security number of his wife, his personal health history and other sensitive and personal information. The information was leaked after the emails of Brennan were hacked.

The hack was done by an American hacker who hacked into the accounts of John Brennan and Jen Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security. The unknown hacker hacked information includes details of Brennan even before he was a part of the current Barrack Obama administration. Among the official information accessed from the emails were Brennan’s employment application form and drafts of intelligence reports.
The hacked emails belonged to the personal email account of Brennan and although they included information about intelligence reports, projects and details of his company “The Analysis Corp.”, not much of the leaked information has anything sensitive or top secret. The employment form found in the hacked emails belonged to the application for the National Security Position. It is a lengthy form with 48 pages and was filled by Brennan in November 2008, almost 4 years before he was actually appointed as the CIA Director.
This act by WikiLeaks has been termed as criminal by the CIA. They have strongly opposed this action and the CIA along with the FBI are investigating the matter. WikiLeaks is popular after it posted a large volume of governmental documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden. Snowden has since feared for his life and is living in a temporary asylum in Russia from 2012.

Several government officials in the US have been targeted by hackers and it seems that not even the Director of CIA is immune to such attacks!