Edward Snowden Launches his own surveillance app

Meet the person who is known by the name of Edward Snowden who  was working with security agencies in the past now living in Russia,few days back with the help of other groups. Edward snowden have developed the android application which will help you in protecting from security agencies or others security or privacy brokage.This android application is named by HAVEN and developed others press and Edward Snowden which is also in developing stage  to make more better with the help of the beta testers.

How this haven app will help?

This will help if you are activist or journalist  and are moved out from your home or  hotel  while leaving your important documentation in your room or hotel .The haven application will send urgent sms ,signal or you can remotely the monitor the activity of the suspect with the help of the sensors.well the big drop back of this application is its come for android only ,they suggest for ios users to buy new android phone and can take the advantage of the haven. You can donate them if you want to grow the haven more.Haven as stated doesn’t have relationship with any other third party which might share the data or surveillance you,but this is a surveillance app which you can personally use for your privacy or for your own personal surveillance like capturing photos while someone is entering your privacy range.

Edward also advised to stop using various services like Facebook,Dropbox etc who are collecting data from users and probably share the data with the third party companies or surveillance agencies.

Edward Snowden who is infamous for leaking documents and is currently living in anonymous location of the Moscow.Maybe he will lived in the unknown location in  Moscow till 2020 but he is still seeking the asylum around the world.

You can download or install HAVEN Application on below provided link :-



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