How To Earn Money As A Hacker

Earn Money as Certified Ethical hacker

Certified Ethical Hacker :- Not all hackers earn as much as what we think.It depends on the skillset which you obtain in the process of learning.

Only hackers with the right skill set have demand in the market.So the right hacker obviously an ethical hacker with right skill set can earn through the following

1. Bug Bounty – With the up-gradation of infrastructure and technologies, new bugs exist in almost everywhere and bug bounty platforms are a valuable source of income for hackers

2. Cyber Security Solutions – Corporates are in constant search for companies and freelancers who can provide cybersecurity & pentesting services.

These services will be domain-specific but again provides a valuable source of income.

3. Training & Development – When we look at Ethical hackers with good experience in this field, the numbers are limited and when it comes to training the numbers are even less.

Companies allocate yearly funds for training their employees and students who are eager to enter in this field also look for someone who can share their knowledge and experience.

There are two major type of hacker Black hat and white hat hackers. One secures the system and other one breach the security respectively.

It’s like a war between them, everyone loves to be black hat hacker even many white hackers think like a black hat hacker to fix the loopholes and secure the internet.

If there won’t be any black hat hackers then there won’t be any white hat hackers in the internet world.

Irony is they both earn money by battling with each other.So, white hat hacking is a field where if you are adept at and have the right skills, you would be able to make decent money while also ensure that you provide ethical services to people, organizations, and governments.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Contributed by Sankarraj subramanian


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