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Donald Trump Is Now Supported By Some Anonymous Hackers

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Last week, the social media and the internet were abuzz with the news of the hacktivist group Anonymous opposing the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump for their sensor of his election campaign. According to the media reports, Anonymous opposed the hate speeches given by Trump against the racial and ethical minorities, including his well known condemnation of the Muslims.

In response to his venomous speeches, his personal details such as social security number were leaked online by hackers claiming to be a part of Anonymous. However, now in a new video, Anonymous claims that it has always supported free speech including that of Donald Trump and that the so called Anonymous campaign termed “Operation Trump” is not in compliance with the principle beliefs of Anonymous which stands for free speech for everyone, including Donald Trump and his followers.

The five minute video recorded in a female robotic voices goes on that state it is the belief of Anonymous that everyone has a right to free speech including Donald Trump and his supporters and that people should have a right to listen to any kind of speech and make their own decisions.

The video further states that people should have unrestricted access to the information and that they should have the right to judge for themselves what is right and what is wrong instead of forcing them to comply with the righteousness of some of the people. The video does not explicitly supports what Trump says per se, but it gives a strong support to the freedom of speech, which it believes should be available to everyone including those who support Trump or those who oppose him.

According to the video, those who are condemning Donald Trump and are trying to disrupt his rallies are working against the tenets of free speech and liberation and doing so under the banner of Anonymous is a nonconformity with the objectives and principles of this group.
Video of Anonymous :-