Donald Trump Faces A New Challenge – it’s from Anonymous

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The Republican candidate for the United States Presidential elections, Donald Trump is popular for his notorious comments on almost every topic. Whether it is about stopping Muslims from entering the United States, hatred against migrants and racial minorities, opposition to welfare schemes or support for big business houses, Trump has been alleged for being against the ethos of humanity by many.

While the other groups are fighting against him in the real world, a war has been declared against him by the hacktivist group Anonymous. Anonymous has warned Donald Trump about using hate filled comments about the people around the world. Anonymous has stated that it will initiate its campaign against Donald Trump on 1st of April 2016 in a bid to dismantle his political hold and to fight against his views.

Anonymous has stated in a statement that the comments made by Trump are appalling and hate filled. People in the United States as well as in other parts of the world have felt strongly against what Trump has been saying as a part of his political campaign. Anonymous plans to decimate his online campaign which it terms hate filled and toxic and against the very principles of humanity.

Anonymous has in the past launched campaigns against the governments whenever it has felt that humanity is affected. The hacktivist group says it supports humanitarian causes and is against any kind of oppression or exploitation.

With regards to Donald Trump, Anonymous feels he is unsuited to run for the largest position in the United States due to this background and aggressive views towards racial and religious minorities and towards other countries. A large proportion of people in the US are against Donald Trump whereas a large number of conservative and radical groups such as anti-abortion or anti-homosexual and pro-white groups are in his support. It has resulted in a large scale polarisation within the US voters and is likely to affect the results of the next Presidential elections.

Anonymous is against the venomous comments of Trump and his hatred towards non-white and non-Christian persons.

 Anonymouus Special Message:-

 We need everyone to target : on 1ST APRIL                                         

Donald Trump Websites That Are  Under Target of Anonymous