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DDoS attack impairs Kickass Torrents | Hacked |

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Kickass Torrents is undoubtedly the most popular torrent sharing site on the web. The website also operates through several proxies apart from the main web portal. The website is currently severely affected due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that has been taking place for the last few days.

The attack it seems has affected the DNS servers of the portal and has consequently resulted in a downtime of not just the main website but also its proxies. The website faced a similar attack in the previous week. It was then attacked on 15th January 2016, 16th January 2016 and the problem persisted even on 17th January 2016.

The infiltrators or the attackers are not known but it seems that they are persistently targeting the most famous torrent sharing portal. Torrents is the most popular way of sharing files between peers and most of these files are multimedia files. Torrent sharing portals are often criticised for promoting piracy and websites like Pirate Bay have even faced legal penalties.
Kickass Torrents is now the most popular torrent sharing web resource in the world and is popular among the users in many nations. Countries where the website faces government or regulator restrictions, several proxy websites do the job of allowing the users to share the files with each other.
However, the website admin team is continuously trying to fight this DDoS attack and bring the services back online. Kickass Torrents is not the only torrent sharing portal and there are several more. It is possible that since Kickass Torrents is the most popular torrent sharing website, the attacks could have been perpetrated by the rival portals of Kickass Torrents. However, the identity of the attackers still remains a mystery.