Data of 191 million US voters leaked online

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In what can be termed as the biggest data leak online, information of over 191 US voters who have been voting in the various US elections since the year 2000 has been leaked online. It is an incident that is as bizarre as it is shocking.
Over the last couple of years there have been several instances of online data leaks. But none of them has been as massive as this one and that’s too from sources that are presumed to be highly secure. Leaking of data from websites or databases of private companies is common and although unwillingly, but it is still acceptable.
But what goes beyond the realm of comprehension of anyone is how can information of the voters was leaked. The information carries important information such as the names of the voters, their contact numbers and addresses. Fortunately there is no other sensitive information such as their social security numbers in the database.
The database of the voters are stored even after elections and it is a known fact that in the United States of America, this data is used by political parties during their campaigning and for attracting the voters. But no one ever anticipated that this information can be leaked online and could be a
At a time when terrorism is a global threat and even the normal citizens in any part of the world are not safe, leaking of such as massive volume of information shows a very dangerous trend. It means that the information of over 191 million people is easily accessible to the terrorists who can then pick their targets pretty easily.

It is a worrying sign that such an incident has occurred in a country like the United States that is presumably one of the safest countries in the world.