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CyberCaliphate is a notorious name when it comes to cyber-attacks. This group of hackers is extremely unpopular and is also considered to be the hackers’ wing of the terrorist group ISIS.
CyberCaliphate has been known to spread online propaganda, recruit members for ISIS and attack other websites related to the western countries and citizens. They are known to terrorise the western groups and people they deem opponents of ISIS.
Due to these activities, CyberCaliphate is considered a highly skilled team of hackers full of notoriety and venom against the enemies of ISIS.
However, other top hackers believe that CyberCaliphate is not a bunch or even an individual with expert hacking skills. Rather, it is an amateur or group of amateurs who use social engineering and basic hacking techniques to hack into its enemies’ websites.

Another hacking group Ghost Security group found that CyberCaliphate has created several private groups on the messaging app Telegram and has around 500 to 600 channels on this app that is used to disseminate pornographic images and videos, and mission maps. Hence, all the claims of CyberCaliphate against pornography is a hoax as the group itself uses pornography to attract and recruit members for ISIS.
According to Ghost Security Group, CyberCaliphate has limited skills and its attacks are limited to websites that have specific kinds of vulnerabilities. The group uses SQL injections and if they find any data on such websites, they leak it online claiming they have breached into a highly secured database, where in reality, they only brag about their achievements.
Media too is at fault at making it look much better than what it really is. In reality, its skills is not even average but it is all a hype and they get the media attention for whatever they do, no matter how small.
But this hype possess the real danger. Since they are made to look much more skilled and competent than they really are by the media and their own propaganda, it is highly likely that hackers with some real skills might get attracted to them and join them. It will be a serious threat then to even the most secured websites.
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