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How to find Covid-19 Responders Rooms on Google?

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During this pandemic, there is a strange breed of professionals who have emerged as superheroes. They are also called Covid-19 Responders who are nothing but normal human beings specialized in providing assistance at the scene of emergency; this time the emergency is Covid19.

Now, we all know that this decease gets spread from coming in contact and so it is difficult for these responders to go back to their home as there is a high chance that they can spread Covid19 to their respective families and friends.

To solve this problem, Google has come up with an excellent plan which not only reduces the risk of spreading the covid19 but is also cost-efficient.

The plan is to provide hotel rooms or houses to these workers at free of cost or at a discounted price through the use of Google search or Maps.

All one has to do is search for ‘Hotels for essential workers’ and the Google search engine will provide you with all the options available near you. You can also customize your search by adding a filter ‘Covid-19 Responder Rooms’, which will only show you the hotels or houses that are open for these heroes.

Although it is currently available only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but because of its successful impact on the lives of responders in these two countries, Google is planning on expanding this idea worldwide. 

The best part about this idea is that anyone can become a hero during this pandemic by opening the doors to their homes or hotels, which are not in use, for people who are working.

All one has to do is register oneself on Google Business and add that they are open for essential workers. If anyone is having a hard time while doing so, they can also contact Google My Business Support and they will help you out with the rest.

Covid-19 Responders

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