Could hacking be the reason for disappearance of MH370?

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Around the time the Malaysian aircraft MH370 went missing, a group of cyber criminals who have been very active in the recent times hacked into the computer systems of the Malaysian government. The group tried to steal data pertaining to the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft.

MH370, the Malaysian aircraft met an unfortunate end around 13 months ago when it disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean. The search for the aircraft is still on but since its disappearance over a year ago, there has been no clear evidence of why the aircraft disappeared or where the crash site is.

Governments of several countries have been searching for the aircraft but to no avail. It is one of the biggest mysteries of modern times as even the rubble of the aircraft is not yet discovered. Despite the constant search, the aircraft or its wreckage is yet to be found. It is now being contemplated to increase the size of the search area if the aircraft could not be located in the current search zone.

Around the same time when the aircraft missing, this group of cyber criminals, who have been very active in the Asia region; targeted the websites of several Malaysian government including the website of the police, navy and the airlines. They have also targeted the computer systems of various international agencies and governments who are part of the search efforts. The group is trying to access information pertaining to the disappearance of the aircraft and has been sending phishing mails seeking information about the crash or claiming to contain the updates.

According to Costin Raiu of Kaspersky Lab Software, there is a highly active group of cyber criminals which goes by the name Naikon which is very active in the Asia Pacific. The group targeting the government institutions could be the same.
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