Computers of Israel’s Electricity Authority hacked

Meet Hackers
Israel has faced a first of its kind hacking attack. The
computers of the Electricity Authority in Israel were hacked by the attackers
whose identities are still mysterious. The attack involved planting a computer
virus on the computers of the Electricity Authority, which is a part of the
Ministry of Energy in Israel.
In a press conference in Tel Aviv, Yuval Steinitz, the
Minister for Energy in Israel released a statement saying that the attack is
severe and continues to impact the computers of the Electricity Authority. He,
however, did say that the authorities are doing everything in their power to
control the impact of the attack and eliminate the threat. To achieve it,
several computers have been shut down.
The attack and its extent were identified on Monday 25th
January 2016. Currently, the country is marred by very low temperatures
resulting in a much higher consumption of electricity by the residents of the
nation operate their heaters and other equipment. To respond to this attack,
the ministry and the National Cyber Bureau of Israel shut down some of the
computers. However, there are no reports by any of the media houses of power
disruptions despite the record breaking consumption of electricity due to low
temperatures and the attack.
It is to be noted that the Electricity Authority is a
separate body from the Israel Electric Corporation. The former is a department
of the Ministry of Energy while the latter is the government owned power supply
company. Israel Electric Corporation has remained unaffected by the attack.
This attack is the first of its kind in the world and is followed by a cyber attack
in Ukraine just 5 weeks ago. The attack in Ukraine resulted in the disruption
of the power supply in many parts of the country. It is the first of its kind
of attack in the entire world where a cyber attack has resulted in the
disruption of the power supply.


The attack in Israel has not resulted in a similar outcome but
once again shows the vulnerability of the government systems to such attacks.