Chrome is bypassing AdBlock

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AdBlock Plus is a useful browser extension that was developed by Wladimir Palant in the year 2006 and allows the users to bypass various advertisements that are posted on the internet. It includes advertisements displayed before a YouTube video is played and other videos streamed by Google.
However, over the last few days, the users of this application have reported and commented on Twitter that Google Chrome is bypassing the application and forcing the users to watch the advertisements. Rather, those users who have installed the extension of AbBlock Plus on their Google Chrome browser cannot skip the YouTube ads like those users who do not have the app installed on their computer.
The method that Google has been using to circumvent the app is to convert the advertisement into a video as well. Therefore, the app considers the ad as a video and not an advertisement. Just the skip button is considered as the advertisement by AdBlock Plus.
However, internet users have found that by disabling AdBlock, they can skip the advertisements. Though it is an effective solution, the attempt by Google to block not just AdBlock but other similar applications means that what Google is trying to do is to infringe the rights of the internet users.
Applications like AdBlock empower users to exercise their rights of using the internet the way they want to and when they want to. By imposing such restrictions, Google is trying to infringe upon the privacy of the users and forcing them to watch content against their choice. This is a basic violation of the rights of the users and users have made it succinctly clear through Twitter.

However, whether Google will change its policy or AdBlock will find a way around this restriction from Google still remains to be seen