Child trafficking is Supported By F.B.I and U.S Is Big Market
An individual has narrated a horrifying experience of Child trafficking. In this instance, he is not a victim but rather an observer. But, what he has observed has let him shell shocked.
He narrates the incident when he came across a large group of people in Osijek that was involved in Child trafficking. Some of the members of the group had killed a girl in the basement of a hotel names Oks. The name of the owner of the hotel is Alen Borbas. The narrator of the incident, let’s call him Mr Z, tried contacting the police to get the culprits arrested.
He got several threats. One of the police officers also said to him to stay away from the incident and the other showed his inability to do anything. He even tried to speak with several others over the internet, especially Facebook but what he found was that most of the people were scared to talk about it.
Mr Z also found that there were girls from different countries including Bosnia, Serbia, and numerous other countries. These were young girls, most of them minors, who were pushed into prostitution.
Several of them were even killed in the private sessions known as Sado Maso, where the brutality were also recorded. Sado Maso is a term derived from sadism and machoism where the perpetrators enjoy by displaying their machoism by inflicting severe pain on their victims, which in this case were the poor, innocent little girls.
Mr Z also got a message from someone who has been involved in this activity. The person who contacted him stated that the gangs also have connections within the FBI and they sell girls in the US which is its biggest market.
The overall narration of the incident prove that Child trafficking and paedophilia are more common than we think. It is probably the most heinous crime in the world and deserve the severest of punishments. But what is even more shocking is the fact that even the law enforcement officers are involved in such crimes, which makes it difficult to bring the culprits to the justice.


we received the information from the one source and we would not recommend to publicize the name but as per the information we have published the following post.

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