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Car hacking device Can Unlock Any Car

Car hacking

Car hacking Device configured by hacker is able to unlock any luxury car configured with wireless fob system. You can Also Hack the Car by this device. Hacker has developed this device which bypass security of the car and lead to hijacking of the car.

If anyone wants to use this type of device, hacker is selling at $9000 dollars and upgraded version at $12000.

The hacker know by “Evan” has demonstrated live hijacking or hacking of the car with the permission of the victim. Evan is aiming to earn money by selling this device.

Video demonstration

On the other side, security researchers added that this kind of device is called keyless repeater which is commonly used by security firms in the industry.

If someone has this tool then he is able to hijack your car. This is vulnerable when someone couldn’t take care of the key properly.There might be security patch for this kind of issue.

How you can safe you car ?

You can place your key inside the metal can (aluminum) which will block the signals. You can also use foil paper to wrap the key (which is not recommended though). One can place the key inside the fridge which also ensure the safety of the car.

Use the old school techniques like steering wheel lock and installing tracking device which increase the car security.

Many of you might be crazy to buy this tool and steel luxury cars around  you, Although this device is for security purpose  and mishandling this tool can land you in jail .

The battle between white hat hackers and black hat hackers is getting hard day by day. We can also see how one hacker can be dangerous in the tech world if his intentions are bad.

Stay safe from the hackers by keeping eye on the cyber security world so that you can be safe from black hat hackers.

Stay safe from Car hacking

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