How to bypass WannaCry Ransomware without paying

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The WannaCry Ransomware has created a havoc around the world by infecting thousands of computers and locking them till the time the owners agree to pay up. There is a major concern not only among the small businesses and individual computer owners but also among the large corporate and governmental organizations.

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How to bypass WannaCry Ransomware ?
The first step in this process is to download a tool named WannaKiwi Tool. It is developed recently as an antidote to WannaCry and is absolutely free.

Download Wannacry bypass tool

Once downloaded, run it on the affected computer using the Command Prompt or the CMD. It is because if your computer is infected, you can’t obviously run it in the normal mode. Instead, the computer has to be booted using the command prompt to provide the software the complete memory function.
This tool is developed to work on Windows XP and Windows 7, which are the versions of the Windows OS affected by this malware.
To understand how to use this software and bypass WannaCry, check out the video and you will understand the process better. So, if your computer is infected, don’t pay up. Instead, try this option.

So, what exactly is WannaCry Ransomware ?

It’s a Ransomware. Plain and simple.
It infects the target computer and locks the files using an encryption asking the owners to pay up a ransom of $300 for unlocking their files. If the owners fail to pay within 3 days, the deadline set by Ransomware, they are asked to cough up double that amount within 7 days or their files will be deleted. It accepts ransom only in the form of Bitcoins, the cryptocurrency which is one of the most commonly used in the world. The amount of $300 is equivalent of the amount demanded in Bitcoin.
At one end, there is a massive threat of this malware and on the other, the fight over WannaCry among the white hat hackers and the back hat hackers who are spreading this Ransomware is only getting intense. The white hat hackers have released a program and also a video showing how people affected with this Ransomware can bypass it without having to pay them $300 for securing access to their files.

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