A British boy almost killed Donald Trump!

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This might come as a surprise but just a few months before the US Presidential elections. There was an attempt to assassinate Donald Trump at an election rally in Los Vegas, Nevada.
On 18th June 2016, barely 5 months prior to the elections, the then Republican candidate and now the President of the United States was addressing a rally in Los Vegas. Little did he or anyone else know that there would be an attempt on his life! And, the attacker was a 20 year old British boy names Michael Sandford from Dorking, Surrey.
As the events turned out, Michael traveled from the UK to the US. Just a day before Donald Trump’s address at the rally to the people in Los Angeles, Michael visited a local shooting range very close to the site of the rally. As later reported by the ranger at the shooting range, Michael took a quick lesson on pistol shooting. He fired 20 rounds of bullets just like any other customer would at the range. The ranger said that when he met the boy, he could have never assume that an innocent looking boy like Michael can even kill a fly let alone a human being.

But, this is exactly what happened the very next day. At the rally, Michael walked up to a cop posted at the place for security and spoke to him. While talking to him, Michael tried to grab the policeman’s gun but was caught immediately and escorted out of the place. Donald Trump could be heard saying that he is proud of the police.
Michael was locking into the cell for further legal proceedings while his mother and half-sister flew to the US from Surrey. At this point, Michael faced a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison. He even kept arguing with the prison guards that he wanted to kill Trump as he is racist and a bad human being . The officer, in a prison video is heard saying that killing is bad, to which Michael retorted that killing a racist is not bad.

Later however, in the court, he pleaded guilty. It was informed to the judge that Michael suffers from certain mental issues. The judge sympathized with Michael and his mental condition. He was told that there is nothing to be ashamed of his mental condition and that he needs to get treated. Based on these facts, Michael has been sentenced to 12 months and 1 day in prison.
Michael later said that he is ashamed of taking such a drastic step of assassinating someone. However, given his mental condition, Michael got away with a light sentence. The judge also acknowledged the fact that he is not a criminal and his actions were a result of his mental conditions.

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