Beware of WhatsApp hackers

Meet Hackers
Do you know that it is pretty easy for anyone to hack your WhatsApp account? Well with a few simple steps anyone can get an access to your WhatsApp login. WhatsApp has now become an essential part of everyone’s life who uses a smartphone. Be it Android, iOS or Windows, WhatsApp is now an essential application for anyone and everyone. It has essentially become a substitute for SMSs and now is slowly and gradually replacing voice and video calling. The importance of this application can be evaluated from the fact that Facebook bought it for US$20 billion a year ago!
This clearly proves the point that WhatsApp is now becoming an essential part of our mobile usage and hence the security measures need to be followed in order to ensure that the application is not misused. However, the application itself has a functional vulnerability which can be easily exploited even by novice hackers or even your friend or colleague. All it takes for them to hack your WhatsApp account is your phone number and a physical access to your phone.
The fault lies in the very functionality of the application and is something that needs to be addressed. For an app which is now an essential part of everybody’s lives, this loophole can play the spoilsport. For someone to hack into your WhatsApp account, they simply need to configure your WhatsApp on their device using your phone number. This will trigger an alert and you will receive a voice call communicating a pin number which needs to be entered into this new device if your account is to be made accessible from that particular device.

Now, if that person has an access to your phone, he or she can simply receive the voice call and get the pin which can then be entered into their device and give them access to your WhatsApp account. If you have the habit of leaving your phone unattended on your work desk or elsewhere in your office or any other place where someone else can have an access to it, you better be aware of it as it may lead to your WhatsApp account getting hacked.