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Best Hacking Movies You Would Love To Watch

Meet Hackers

There are several blockbuster movies where computer hacking is one of the key elements which significantly influence the storyline. Let us see the list of some of the all time best hacking movies.

Matrix (1999)

It is computer hacking which pulls Neo out into the real world from the computer simulated artificial world of Matrix designed and created to keep humans enslaved. Neo is pulled out of the Matrix and into the real world where he fights machines.

Untraceable (2008)

A brutal serial killer kidnaps and kills his victims in a cruel manner. He broadcasts these killings online. The movie is about FBI agent Marsh trying to trace and find the killer by hacking into the computer system and stop him before he kills anyone else.

The Score (2001)

The Score is about Robert De Niro and Edward Norton stealing Royal artifacts from Montreal customs house which requires them to hack into their computer system with the help of a computer hacker. The hacking is done to block the computer systems from helping the two protagonists to steal.

The Italian Job (2003)

The team pulls a heist for stealing the gold from a former team member who betrayed them and took away all the gold. They plan to steal it back from him. This requires the ingenious ‘Napster’ to hack into the computer systems of the city to control the traffic lights and other systems.

The Core (2003)

A group of scientists help the government to save the world from a disaster where the core of the earth stops spinning due to a government experiment. One of the team members is a hacker whose job is to keep the mission confidential so that the world at large would not know about the impending disaster.
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