Best Female Hackers

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The term hackers is generally associated with men; however, there have been several top female hackers in the world. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian is probably one of the best hackers in the world. She formed hacking group comprised of only females known as ‘China Girl Security Team’ when she was 19. The activities of the group are generally targeted towards search engines like Google.

Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker is another popular Chinese female hacker. Ying is not just a hacker but is also a hacking trainer. She teaches her students about hacking.

Jude Milhon

Jude Milhon is probably one of the earliest hackers in the world. She began her career in 1967 as a computer programmer and later moved on to become a hacker when she formed a hacking group named ‘Cyberpunks’. She dies in 2003.

Joanna Rutkowska

The Polish hacker Joanna Rutkowska is more of an ethical hacker who believes in exposing system vulnerabilities. In 2006 DefCon, she revealed the system vulnerabilities with Windows Vista.

Raven Alder

Raven Alder is the first female who gave a presentation at DefCon. She is one of the top hackers in the world and not just a prominent female hacker.

Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna is also a kind of an ethical hacker who helps people whose private data is stolen and posted on the internet. She is a former Playboy model, who when her private pictures were uploaded over the internet, hacked the website and forced them to remove her pictures. This is how her hacking journey began.

Natasha Grigori

Natasha is probably one of the first generation hackers whose hacking career started in the 1980s. She worked actively against paedophile websites and used hacking as a tool for ethical purposes. She died in 2005.