Barack Obama’s official website defaced by a Yemeni hacker(#obama)

The webpage that is a part of United
States’ President Barack Obama has been hacked by a Yemini hacker that uses the
name Lov3rDns. The webpage is a part of President Barack Obama’s official social
media website hacker hacked into the webpage and defaced it by posting
messages that were derogatory in nature and targeted President Obama. The hacker
wrote on the page asking Barack Obama to leave Yemen alone. The same hacker had
earlier targeted Saudi Arabia and leaked confidential information of Saudi
Arabia, like the communication between the country’s embassies online.

Lov3rDns is also believed to have been involved in the
hacking activities that hacked websites of MIT, AVG Security, Coca Cola, Joomla
blog, Mcafee website, MSN’s Portugal domain, Firefox and Avast Security. This
shows that this hacker is no ordinary hacker and has been involved in some
serious stuff that has disrupted the services of several major websites.

The website of President Obama was also hacked earlier in
2014 by the Syrian Electronic Army, a hacking group supported by Pro-Assad
hackers. The website has been accessed and used by more than 35,000 groups who
have created around 20,000 events at the time of the Presidential campaign of
Barack Obama. Since his victory, the website is his official social media

Hacking attacks like these reveal the vulnerabilities of the
websites of even the most powerful people in the world. It is a growing concern
that such hacks are becoming common and are being used as a means of protest
against the governments of various nations world over.

Governments and large organisations have taken a notice of
such instances and have been building measures to counter such attacks.
However, these measures are still not efficient enough to prevent such