Apple announces a bounty of $3 million for identifying bugs in iOS 9 | IOS 9 | Iphone |  Apple |
Apple has released the latest version of its coveted operating system for mobile devices iOS. The latest version of the iOS is iOS 9 and it is already being touted as the most secure and save version of the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, the mobile devices of Apple.
Apple has introduced rootless technology in iOS 9 which makes it impossible to jailbreak the devices that run iOS 9. Since there is no root, rooting is impossible and therefore jailbreaking is also improbable.
There have been several reported incidents of bugs and malware that have affected Android and iOS users. Among the attacks faced by Apple, XcodesGhost is one of the most sophisticated and unique attacks that Apple has ever faced. The malware affects not just the Apple apps but rather its Xcodes so that it goes unnoticed. When developers use this bugged XcodesGhost to develop apps, the malicious codes get loaded into the apps. Several of such apps were uploaded on Apple App Store and affected various devices.
Jailbroken Apple devices have also been hit by several bugs. It is because of these factors Apple has made certain technological innovations in its latest version of the operating system iOS 9. Even popular jailbreakers are finding it impossible to jailbreak iOS 9. Apple has challenged anyone who can jailbreak iOS 9 with a bounty of US$3 million.
A famous hacker Tem PanGu has stated that the beta version of iOS 9 has been jailbroken and hackers are working on jailbreaking iOS 9.1. However, no official statement has been announced about the jailbreaking of iOS 9.1.

Jailbreaking iOS 9 is not impossible but very difficult. It is very complicated and would be very 
expensive for anyone trying to jailbreak. A bounty of $3 million is aptly priced for such as huge challenge.