Another pro-isis hacker group strikes on the internet

Team System DZ, a group claiming to be pro-ISIS has hacked into a website of Indiana Artisan and several other websites and has posted pro-ISIS and anti-Israeli messages. However, local authorities have said that the same group may or may not be involved with March 9 attacks which took place on some website.

The change in the website by the hackers was noticed by a visitor around noon on 21st March. The officials are trying to identify if the hack is related to the March 9 hackings of the website of Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association. Indiana Artisan Director Eric Freeman reported the incident to the officials of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. Gary Coons, Chief of Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security has said that the incident was reported to him on Saturday afternoon and that he is coordinating with the FBI and Indiana Artisan to investigate the matter. He believes that the website might have been targeted for its vulnerability and not for any other specific reason. 

The incident comes at a time when the annual event Indiana Artisan Marketplace is going to be held on 28th and 29th March. The event is being hosted by Indiana Artisan. The timing of the hacking incident can have a negative impact over the event as it is just a week away. The designer of the website is trying to get the website up and running by Monday.

The recent attacks on various websites throughout the globe by pro-ISIS groups have become a matter of concern for security authorities and the website owners as well. Such groups target the vulnerability of the hosting services such as WordPress and replace the original content with their own messages. The Indiana Artisan incident is the latest one in these types of incidents.