Another Cyber Caliphate member arrested in Kuwait | isis hacker |

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The notoriety of Cyber Caliphate, the digital arm of ISIS has been increasing exponentially over the last few months. There have been numerous instances of hacking and defacing of government and private websites and social media accounts by the members of this notorious group that claims to bring caliphate to the online world and is trying to impose its archaic rules over democratic institutes and people.

The authorities around the world have taken a cognisance of this menace and have been striving to find the members of Cyber Caliphate, who they do not consider to be any less dangerous than the members of the ISIS. A few days ago, we reported the arrest of one of the members of Cyber Caliphate. And now, the news of the arrest of another of the group’s member, the 26 years old Othman Zebn Nayef, from Kuwait has been reported.

Nayef was an active member of the online hackers’ group and his arrest can be viewed as a big step by the Kuwait authorities, not only because he is a dangerous hacker, but also because he gave the details of two more hackers who are the members of the group and they have been arrested as well.

At the time of this arrest, Nayed was working on his computer trying to hack into some website or social media account. The Ghost Security Group, on the arrest of Nayef has stated that it is unclear which of the members have been arrested. According to them, such groups have around 4 to 7 members and Cyber Caliphate, it seems, was operating with 4 to 5 members for the last few days. The security group confirmed that 3 members have been arrested, but could not confirm who the other two members are.