Anonymous warns citizens of the world and asks them to “WAKE UP”

Meet Hackers

In a video that has been recently released by the hacktivist group Anonymous, a message is spread asking the citizens of the world to Wake Up and fight the elite. The video message is a typical Anonymous message with a representative of the group addressing the audience in the Guy Fawkes mask.
The video begins with the traditional Anonymous salutation moving forward to highlight the issues faced by the world today. It is alleged in the video that all the common people of the world are slaves being used by the elite to achieve their vested interests. The Anonymous alleges that the powerful corporations and individuals are manipulating the masses through the guise of wars, nationalism, religion, and other such divisions. Their main agenda is to control every aspect of the lives of the people through surveillance and other methods. Basically, privacy is now a thing of the past and people fight over unnatural divisions such as religion, race, and nationality.

The video strongly argues that it is time for the masses to wake up to the exploitation of the rich and powerful. Else, there will be a severe environmental hazard with no fish to eat, no clean water to drink, and no clean air to breathe. The world has become a farmland and the people are being used as the cattle.

The video exhorts people to stand up against the exploitation of the elite by setting aside the artificial differences they have set up for the masses. It is the right time for the educated to wake up and also awaken others in this fight against the exploitation. It is high time to look at the reality in the way it is where all the people live on the same planet and share the same resources. It is time to cooperate with each other.

Anonymous Video:-

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