Anonymous sends a direct message to the corrupt media

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In a yet another video released by the hacktivist group Anonymous, a direct message to the corrupt media has been sent. In the video, two news anchors talk about Anonymous, followed by a direct message from an Anonymous representative.
The video talks in length about how Anonymous supports freedom of speech and stands firmly against the corrupt media that has sold itself out to the corporate and the governments. In the video, Anonymous representative says that the group opposes the people and the governments trying to repress and suppress WikiLeaks. The group states that it will give complete support to WikiLeaks.
It further states that it is the attempt of the governments through the manipulation of the media to impede WikiLeaks and the information it has made public over the internet. When MasterCardand Visa blocked the payments from donors to WikiLeaks, Anonymous hacked their website. It was to show solidarity with WikiLeaks and to support the free speech as signified by WikiLeaks which seeks to expose the deep rooted corruption that exists among the governments world over.
In another message in the same video, when one media outlet threatened to expose the names of Anonymous members, the group hacked the database of this outlet and released the email addresses and phone numbers of the employees of the media company.
Anonymous is a hacktivist group that is loosely organized. It does not have a single leader or an organized set of people that control and manage it. And yet, the group has a large support among the masses that support freedom of speech. The level of support received by Anonymous demonstrates its power which proves its strength. Anonymous uses this support to gather people in its marches as well as for social causes that it supports.

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