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Anonymous publishes message to the people for 2017

Meet Hackers

In a new video message released on YouTube on 21st December 2016, Anonymous warns people of being careful from the government propaganda in 2017. The hacktivist group announces that it does not support any specific political party or the government but seeks to find a balance and fight against the governments that seek to dominate the people.

In the message, the Anonymous representative states that since the time Donald Trump announced he will be running for the US Presidential elections, both the parties in the US, the Democratic as well as Trump’s own Republican parties have been opposing him.

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The Democrats used all kinds of propagandas against Donald Trump to malign his image. However, the WikiLeaks that revealed the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton showed that the Democratic Party and the Clinton family were spreading lies about Donald Trump.
The Anonymous representative in the video also questioned the role of the media and said that the mainstream media around the world is controlled by a small group of powerful people who want to keep ruling in the form of an Oligarchy and control all the resources and people around the world. The mainstream media is also their puppet.
The emails revealed through WikiLeaks were leaked by an NSA operative and not any media house, which have sold out to the likes of powerful people. The reason why Donald Trump has faced so much opposition both inside the Republican Party and outside of it is because he poses a threat to the hegemony and dominance of the Bush and Clinton families and others that are a part of a similar elitist groups. One such rumour spread by the opponents of Donald Trump is that he is supported by Russian is also a lie as President Obama has himself said that there is no evidence that Trump is receiving any such support from Russia.
The Anonymous has asked people not to fall for such propaganda in 2017 else the world might have to face World War III.


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